What a long week.

Generator fails and lots of take-out food. Luckily, that was the worst of it!


Hoping my neighbors reading this have their power back on as well. WHAT a week it’s been. Waking up Monday morning following the wind storm I thought I would be driving to work. We’ve lived out here for close to a year now, and I’ve driven almost every snow storm. On the roads back here in Maine, that’s no joke. Hills, turns and steep shoulders covered in ice and snow. It sucks.

SO I thought I had this! I was like okay, fine. We don’t have power but I can drive to work. Well, as you can see that was a big fat NOPE. I could not drive to work. In fact, I could barely drive anywhere for the first half of the day. As you can see from the photo above the roads surrounding our house were not a drive to Grandma’s house. They were littered with down trees and lines. Live wires (I am sure) and glass. It was truly a nightmare. I had ZERO idea it was going to be this bad. Had I known, we might have slept in the basement that night.

Keeping the house up and running was tough. We were challenged with the generator and keeping the gas stocked. We’re just glad we had one to begin with. (Thank you, Bill!) And that our house and property made it through the storm okay.

With the lights on now, I am happy we didn’t go a full “week”. The refrigerator is now stocked with fresh food and I can check my emails at home. Bam. Winter, we are ready for you. Sort of. 🙂



XOXO – Taylor





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