We are officially, home.

We bought a freakin’ house!

Almost ten years ago, Chase and I met and fell into a deep childish love. Who knew, that we would be standing on the front lawn of our first house just a few years shy of thirty. We bought a house, and we’re making it our home.

Best. Feeling. Ever.

I won’t lie. We did not have the cookie cutter experience I had dreamed of. We tried, we tried to prepare ourselves for the bad and we were so ready for the good. But truthfully, life hands you rotten lemons all day and finding peace in the most intense decision of your life is damn near impossible. Because it is your life, it is where your life will or will not happen. With that being said we did find our dream home. In the middle of thinking we were out of luck entirely, this beauty wrapped in iron (yes the railings) was suggested to us.

After spending time in California surrounded by the modern lofts and beach front homes this house just seemed to fit our every dream. If it were in CA or ME, it was us. We couldn’t be happier to have been dealt those nasty lemons, because they all helped us find our home.

We can’t wait to open up more about our buying experience, home renovations and just practical advice from people who feel so ill prepared. We’re still unboxing our lives and remembering how to turn on the shower faucet but, when those things settle in – pictures to come!


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