Time Machine Monday

New, old, refurbished and recycled. When it comes to home decor, collectibles, gifts
and time spenders I do not discriminate! Soft spot for antique items –
I am always on the look for these opportunities nothing
short of stepping into the largest time capsule available.
Formally known as Auburn Novelty, the owners of Orphan Annie’s
now open the doors at this location Monday’s 10am-1pm – only!
Usually tied up at work, I took the graciously given holiday to catch up
with mom and sift through the treasures of the past. (Thanks for having me Mom!)
What I love most, are the everyday items that we take for granted
modern day found here frozen in time. Gas cans, today could never be this highly
considered aesthetically. Labels, stamps, identification. I’m constantly flipping things and
reading the inside of the caps. Every bit of history that I can soak up while I walk by is a joy.


This room of typewriters had me at a loss for words. Lying in the back, is my future
Underwood – and some amazing “travel” typewriters I found in the boxes.
Learn to type booklets and old blank invoices that left me imagining the life led by
the person who used to fill those out for a living.
Anxious to see what I bought? My eye was out for a sturdy, yet relevant fruit or wine crate
 to act as a small end table in our living room. Successful, yes!
Found a perfect crate and some other priceless items still to be hung.
Can’t wait to share! – Stay Tuned.


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