Power Suit

My skirt collection, may be getting out of hand.. SAID NO ONE EVER!
Lately I have found myself swooping up any pencil/midi skirt that happens to be within arms reach, or mouse click away and within the parameters of a broke girls budget.  If you don’t believe me, just ask the boyfriend. This entire Power Suit cost me UNDER $21.00 !
This is how I pulled it off… 
1. SALES. I am the perfect consumer. As soon as that email hits the Inbox, and I see free shipping or an “additional” percentage off, already reduced prices… I am done. Put a fork in me, I have no hope.
But what’s so bad about that? I’m a bargain shopper, and that says nothing about my taste in style 😉
2. Relentless Checking of the Sales Department. REFRESH that page girls. Sizes disappear and pop up. Want something that isn’t on sale? Make a cart, toss the item in the cart, and then CLICK OUT of the website! Chances are the retailer will contact you, with, a “you forgot something” email. And a handy little promo code, so you can take 20% off of your dream item.
3. Check my favorite spots.
Top/Skirt = H&M
Shoes = Old Navy
Laptop Case = Marc By Marc Jacobs
Bet you had no idea : That my top is a maternity tank! FYI. Not all maternity clothes are made “special” this $4 tank top became the perfect solution for me, and was found in the “MAMA” section at H&M. Yes their is a little bit of extra fabric, and I mean a little bit, on the sides where I have tucked my top into my skirt, but you can absolutely not tell. Even with the top exposed, nobody knew the difference.
Happy Summer Sales.
Who’s your #bargainbrand ?
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