Pendleton NWM || Stocking Stuffers

Looking for stocking stuffers that last?

What I love about (everything) Pendleton is – the unmatched quality and excitement you get with each product purchase. I always ask for socks, and new blank cards for my stationary collection. Yes, I collect stationary, cards, notebooks, etc. Gimme all the beautifully bound paper.

I found a small bin at my local Reny’s with National Park Collection Pendleton socks! Saving a buck or two, I grabbed the Glacier Park set. Last year Chase gifted my the Acadia set and I love the colors in that print as well. They are truly so so so soft and the perfect height to bring a pop of color to your jeans and boots this fall. Get yours: Head West


I have linked my other favorite smalls from Pendleton: 
Both of these products seem to be discontinued on the Pendleton site- get them while you can!

One other item I was gifted a few years ago has been a HUGE help! 
My Harding Zip Pouch – Is perfect for holding pens, highlighters, small hand lotions and whatever else may get you through the day at the office. I keep mine in my work bag and use it to conceal the clutter that would normally be rolling in the bottom.

While I was looking for links to this post I just came across their new Tuscan Portfolio and I am intrigued! Anyone else have a portfolio they can’t live with out? Looking for something to take with me into meetings that can hold my notes, business cards, etc. Drop a link in the comments below if you do!

Screen Shot – Image property of Pendleton NWM
Screen Shot – Image property of Pendleton NWM

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