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“The expert at anything was once a beginner” – Helen Hayes

If you are visiting this page, you may be considering offering me a new gig! Before you get lost in my content magic – I wanted to say THANKS for clicking around this far.

Previous clients include:
Colman’s USA

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Recipe execution, photography and post edits

Skilled in recipe creation and execution. Colman’s Mustard brought the FIRE to the USA. Content carried a humorous bold tone, messy imagery, and often times very blunt messaging. Colman’s Mustard has a very long and rich history with a dedicated fan base that was critical to create with the introduction to the US market.

Valentine’s Day E-Cards for each skew were created to share online.

Copy and Concept created by myself, image by Lauren M.


I would often highlight ease of use, and cook times when appropriate. The audience loved easy! This post gathered great engagement and gives you a taste of my copy style.

Image edit & copy creation

Recipe images that were used with the “plated” images from the website took on a circular theme. Here’s the website so you can see what I was working with: Colman’s USA.  I would alternate stock imagery, mixing in vector art as well. I always pushed the copy for Colman’s. Whether I would rework a joke or I would play with emojis and other popular sayings the audience could recognize. I would be sarcastic, and sometimes just plain rude. I can write please and thank-you’s. But I can also make you laugh. This brand was the perfect client to introduce me to humor-filled writing.

The post featuring the Lemon Mustard Chicken was shared over 2,500 times, garnered over 10k reactions, and close to 200 comments. This was the first time I used vector images and this provided a huge insight into what the audience would react to.

Image edit and copy creation
Image edit and copy creation

Reese Specialty Foods

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Produced image & post edits

I would work in the test kitchen to produce images for many CPG clients including, Reese Specialty Foods. Their tone and voice varied greatly from Colman’s USA. Reese was more refined and classic. They carried products that were of a finer quality – and that was the story I had to tell. I managed several influencer campaigns that ran simultaneously with the brand’s paid and organic efforts. This content was recipe specific and managed by myself.

Images that featured a full recipe were often made out of elements taken from the “website shoot” I have linked the website with the full recipe gallery here so you can see how these images changed throughout my social: Reese Specialty Foods. I often used templates to create a consistency. The product used in the recipe would typically be featured on the post itself as shown below.

Image edits and copy creation

In the second campaign I worked on, the focus was taking a comfort food recipe and giving it the Reese Remix by adding products like Artichoke Hearts and Hearts of Palm. I illustrated the “addition” of these products with stylized arrows, and vector drawn elements. I have linked some of my mini animations here for you to view: Capers | Valentine’s Day | Halloween | Capers 2

Produced image and post edits
Produced image and post edits

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife 

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Image edit
Image production, stock vector art

Tasked with targeting the non consumptive users in Maine, our focus was the hiker, mountain biker, bird enthusiast, etc. Dubbed the Keeper campaign, we asked folks to include us on their adventures sharing their images using the hashtag #KeeperofME. Working closely with digital media to promote to the right audiences on social, we found the people we were looking for. I have included a screen grab of the Instagram gallery I have created, and what the audience has created for us. If you would like to see the entire #KeeperofME gallery I have linked it here: User Generated Content. 


Combination of images I produced and some from stock. All with post edits done.


User Generated Content: 

Portland Harbor Hotel 

Influencer Campaign

I have linked some beautiful blog posts from an influencer campaign I managed for the Portland Harbor Hotel. This campaign aimed at highlighting the hotels new interior, furniture, branding, new restaurant, and menu. I am a tough negotiator, and will work to get your brand only the best content from the most original creators in the social landscape.

Image by @WanderingBostonEater

Click through some of the full length blog posts here:

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To say that this page was enough of a representation of my skill sets, and passion for strategic work is almost a disservice to myself. I have images, video, ideas, trashed ideas, everything you could imagine in my hard drive. What I don’t have is a place to be myself, and create for the most inspiring brands there are. If you think you could use and value these skills, let’s start a conversation. Maybe you have my resume already? Hold onto it! Call me. I can start tomorrow.

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