NYC; I’ll be back soon


Alive. The city. Myself. It was an amazing change of pace. Early morning walks to grab coffee versus the typical country road drive. I mean, I missed my city blood. The quick-paced younger, college version of myself. Don’t we all go there?

In town for work, and blessed by my surroundings – Here are some highlights ss I dig out the remaining memories and plan my next trip to the upper west side.

You know, “I live here” type of vibe. It happened. And I wish I had the time to photograph more of the architecture – but, that will have to happen with my next trip. 🙂

And insert Amanda below. My work wife, and travel companion. Our favorite appetizers are lavish cheese boards and tacos. She drinks white wine, and I like a vodka margarita or beer. We both can appreciate some good shoes and good sights.


The upper west side found to be a quiet and beautiful trendy part of town. I hadn’t been to NYC in over ten years and I don’t recall seeing the area before now. Central Park was just a few blocks away from our hotel, NYLO – it was just what I was hoping for when the trip was announced. I got to start the day in a motivating city, we loved it.

Plans to return are in motion. The list of things I saw from the car window is too long. Like, the Highliner and tons of food. I could smell it, I just don’t exactly know where it was coming from… 😉 I will definitely look to take a bike ride through Central Park, or at least walk it more. I didn’t get to check out that fancy bridge I saw. I wouldn’t mind returning for the Holidays too. The tree in Rockefeller Plaza would be pretty neat. Anyone else play tourist recently?

It’s a nice change of pace.

xoxo. See you soon, NYC.






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