Naptown, MD

Try not to get swept away in the darling little alleys and vast harbor views while visiting Annapolis, MD.

While in town for work this week, I took every advantage to snap away as we walked to and from dinner and the office. I have never been to Europe, but I keep telling Chase this is kind of how I imagined it would be. Art, architecture and history all around you. It’s incredible!


In typical #agencylife fashion – we swapped the hotel reservations for something “different” – an Airbnb in the heart of downtown Annapolis. The capitol building is RIGHT in my window! We have walked, everywhere and we have sampled the best food I’ve had in a long time. Safe to say, the agency will have a hard time keeping me away from the next business trip to see our sister office space.


The Airbnb has this little enclosed patio, and the number of birds that welcome you as you step out each morning, is just insane. I’ve linked the house we are staying at in case you’d like to see what I mean.


Instantly became obsessed with finding out more about the buildings around us. I mean, how did they get that little guy in there? 😉 Our first night, I stayed up until the morning hours reading deeds and records on our Airbnb. The fact that they don’t know, 100% when it was built is like a mini mystery to me. My mind goes to the earliest of days in development of this coastal city and the affluent demographic that still walks this part of town today.

And skillet breakfast is my jam. Iron Rooster – you slay.

Tomorrow is my last day in the Annapolis office, for now!

& what a beautiful work week it has been.

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