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EVERY SEASON deserves to be celebrated and in Carrabassett Valley, Maine we accomplish. Some of our earlier rides had me wishing I had done anything to change my mind about getting into the sport. But with my building endurance, and falling temperature 🙂 the rides have become more about seeking new challenges and pushing myself to be the best I can be, versus just surviving what felt like a never ending asthma attack. I always hear Chase’s voice in my head while we hit the turns “Don’t be a hero.” — (Kinda the best advice I’ve heard in a long time) and it totally stuck with me. Going big has it’s BIG disadvantages; so we’ll leave the big stuff for the pro’s.
STRATTON BROOK HUT has our heart; as we’ve become comfortable with the ride up to the top, and the super swift new turns of Oak Knoll. The vista views can’t be beat, met with the cool granite perfect for a picnic and cool down before cruising down.
Views of The Loaf can’t be beat from Commett’s Overlook. Any season, Sugarloaf USA flaunts what mother nature gave her proudly. The crisp green trails that cut down the side of the mountain in these warmer months jab into my chest almost saying “Are you ready?!”
Oak Knoll; if you haven’t you must. 
The trail is built for speed and adrenaline. The turns are quick and the terrain is packed with hard granite and straight single track. Riders do climb Oak Knoll; eyes up on the blind segments.
Riding in the cooler temperatures has given me a new found boost of energy and passion for this sport. Without the lag of the humidity, and with the crushing of coral colored leaves under the rubber, Chase and I could ride until the snow fell.
All Photos from today’s post are shot with the iPhone 6. 



Helmet//KALI Protectives – Bike//K2 – Pedal Pusher Tank Top//Lululemon


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