I love Maine

I am SO proud to live and love in the great State of Maine. If you were ever doubting
my commitment, I wanted to introduce to you my new way of thought, “Maine Moments” 
on MoveWithTaylor. Maine Moments will feature Maine brands,
and made in Maine products with dedicated posts just for them.
I have a dreamy list of brands that have hopped on board and I can’t wait to begin breaking them down,
one by one and giving you the goods!
Is it too early to say I will be hosting my very own, FIRST ever giveaway?!
I am way stoked on this!
Stay in the loop. I do not have a drop date yet!
Want to collaborate? I am currently in discussion with a few Maine names
and wouldn’t mind adding you to the list! Shoot me an email with your interests and URL’s
– let’s make Maine happen.
Here’s a tiny preview of my Maine Moments for the week! 
Without the fancy Maine brand names, gotta ease my readers into the beer infused boiling water!

Is Vacationland home to you? Or are you just wanderlusting over our giant pines and good food? Maine is waiting for you!


Share your favorite Maine finds in the comments below!

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