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A look into Maine.

Poland Spring Water sent me this ‘thank you’ and it’s only right that I share the details with you. For the record: I think it’s the coolest swag ‘box’ that has hit my doorstep. Personal and thoughtful selections were made when it comes to these Maine name brands, and products.

The packaging was fact-packed and taught me new things about our amazing state.

Example: “Maine has more miles of coastline than California”

I might have known this, but it’s still awesome to compare. I just spent six years on their coastline, and you honestly think it goes on forever. Nope, Maine’s does.



Baby Water Bottle & branded Postcards

Opening the box, hues of green and decorative straw lay in the bottom. A mini Poland Spring Water bottle sits on top, with branded postcards and a letter. But what I really want to know is, how’d they know I collected Postcards? 🙂


Seawicks branded Candle & Maine inspired Coaster Set

Again, reading my mind because I totally had these candles on my radar. Candle is scented: Beneath The Pines and I can’t give you a better Maine visual than that. The coasters, will forever be in my home. Currently can’t decide which table to offer them on, I want them in every room.



Leeman Journal – Poland Spring Style

I am dedicating this journal, to be written in only while trailside.

Poems, visuals, thoughts, maybe significant trail findings too – but nothing else. I always see so many things, hear so many things and they live in my brain which I like, but writing them down might allow me to pass them on.



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Thank You @PolandSpringWtr !



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