Just updating things around here.

It’s hard to keep my site updated with how often my mind changes.

Excuse any random words that pop up in my ‘about’ sections, and pages that appear and disappear because people, I am learning as I go and I will tell you. Some things feel like they would self-explanatory and they are just not. ha.

(insert Taylor googling how to code in breaks)

Okay so, back to some fun stuff. I wanted to chat about some of what I have been up to, and what I have planned!

Lately, I have been doing all I can to really use up the ALL of the creative energy I have built up. In work, and outside of work. I have been enjoying keeping my hands busy with my camera, and building brand partnerships that mean a lot to me. I am updating my site to include some of my recent work including tearsheets. I am excited to continue to build MWT – and my personal creative ability through all of the awesome work I have on my plate.

If you or your brand would like to know more about building custom content together, reach out via my contact page.


 Photo: Tiffany Fortier