Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations – Read it on Instagram

So naturally, I reposted the caption using my own mountain top image. Colors so vivid I could feel my body going back to Burnt Mountain as I closed my eyes. Holding my phone and resisting the urge to call my Dad in defeat – I am posting this instead.

I was laid off yesterday. Looking out to my new truck in the driveway, surrounded by pets and laundry. Overwhelmed could describe how I feel in most moments.

It may not be the overwhelmed I am used to though. I can feel the energy, opportunities and reasons before me. And with that being said, here’s my plunge into the deep dark waters of unemployment in 2020. I am joining the what I would assume is, thousands if not millions of hurt families around the country and world. But we will get through this. Because I do not give up.

I do things like this, write blog posts and saturate your LinkedIn Feed. I text and email every industry connection I have not because I am desperate, but because it’s who you know. Not what you know.

I do know some things though. 🙂 Here they are. All wrapped in a resume for YOU to enjoy, pass on, print or save. Hire me. Tell your boss they should hire me.

I am looking for a full time position at this time. Many thanks. [Contact form is at the end of this post for convenience]

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