Fresh Fall


We call these “the trails” and go almost everyday. Nearly in the backyard, clean cut, and marked. The dogs enjoy off leash time and I don’t mind the golden scenery this time of year.

Hiking: Mt. Apatite – Auburn, Maine

Get there: End of Small Rd – off Minot Ave.



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See anyone familiar on their feed this morning? I am SO stoked to be selected as a winner in the #366DaysofSummer giveaway. Head on over to their page(s) and show them some love too. Grab some sunnies while you’re at it. BOOM.

#ThroughTheEyes #Raen #LeapYear

Gonna be showing off those new shades as soon as they come in, stay tuned!


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Different Portraits

Capturing #CampVibes

Avoiding the traditional angles and subjects, I tend to follow around my camp mates and learn their timing. I like to see when they rest, and when they move. Photographing everyday moments is a challenge. I like challenges. I like seeing something a hundred times and then freezing time at just the right moment. Reliving that sweet, overseen moment for me is art. And worth shooting.

Kenzie, Chase’s sister will forever be one of my favorite subjects. She is always curious, yet content. Her passion for knowing more, seeing more and being more is, well contagious.





Oh, and she’s always shooting too. I love that!

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“Meet me in the city”

FullSizeRender (69)

This is Lindsey, my best friend from college and long distance sister. The day I threw my college quilt on the sidewalk next to hers, and took a good look up at our future at 181 Commonwealth Avenue I just knew. This chick would be with me until the end of it all. Sure enough, our friendship survived our adolescent college days and many more. Lindsey, I love you to the moon and back! I am so happy we were able to grab drinks, laugh and be ourselves for the day. Portland has pieces of you, and myself scattered around and chasing it all into the evening hour was just what I needed. XOXO.

FullSizeRender (67)

Where we ate:

Round 1 – The Porthole, Custom House Wharf – Portland

Round 2 -Sweetgrass Winery & Distillery Old Port Tasting Room and Shop

Round 3 – Portland Hunt and Alpine Club – Market St. Portland

Where we shopped:

Alaina Marie – Fore St. Portland

Urban Outfitters – Middle St. Portland

The Fish and Bone – Commercial St. Portland

FullSizeRender (68)
Pictured at Portland Hunt and Alpine Club


Follow Lindsey on Instagram @LifeAsLindsey

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Beyond the Wanderlust: Featured


Living a grateful life has it’s rewards. Meeting my soulmate, and adventuring into the evening’s setting sun with his hand holding mine tightly seems like the greatest of them all. I live this life, everyday. It doesn’t always look this styled, or perfect – Thank You, Jennifer Smith of for nailing that part. And thank you to #BeyondTheWanderlust for featuring our story. It’s a love tale as old as, we are.

Click on the feature to catch a glimpse at our love, and this magical location, right here in Maine!


Screenshot 2016-08-22 11.28.21

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Local Love


A look into Maine.

Poland Spring Water sent me this ‘thank you’ and it’s only right that I share the details with you. For the record: I think it’s the coolest swag ‘box’ that has hit my doorstep. Personal and thoughtful selections were made when it comes to these Maine name brands, and products.

The packaging was fact-packed and taught me new things about our amazing state.

Example: “Maine has more miles of coastline than California”

I might have known this, but it’s still awesome to compare. I just spent six years on their coastline, and you honestly think it goes on forever. Nope, Maine’s does.



Baby Water Bottle & branded Postcards

Opening the box, hues of green and decorative straw lay in the bottom. A mini Poland Spring Water bottle sits on top, with branded postcards and a letter. But what I really want to know is, how’d they know I collected Postcards? 🙂


Seawicks branded Candle & Maine inspired Coaster Set

Again, reading my mind because I totally had these candles on my radar. Candle is scented: Beneath The Pines and I can’t give you a better Maine visual than that. The coasters, will forever be in my home. Currently can’t decide which table to offer them on, I want them in every room.



Leeman Journal – Poland Spring Style

I am dedicating this journal, to be written in only while trailside.

Poems, visuals, thoughts, maybe significant trail findings too – but nothing else. I always see so many things, hear so many things and they live in my brain which I like, but writing them down might allow me to pass them on.



Learn More




Thank You @PolandSpringWtr !



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HUGE thanks to the folks over at @PolandSpringWtr for sending me the most thoughtful swag gift I’ve ever received. I’m only a graphic media icon junkie, and addicted to all things Maine so; you got me! Maine packed facts all over the box, stuffed with Poland Spring Water branded goods for the Maine girl inside me. (Awesome)

What I love about Poland Spring Water, is – it’s all in the name. Poland SPRING Water. It’s right here. Locally sourced and something we can all be proud of.

Want to know more about the brands inside the box? Comment below!

#MoveWithTaylor & #MaineSourced

FullSizeRender (66)

FullSizeRender (65)


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Becoming Jewelry Giveaway


‘Be Here Now’ Bar Necklace

Enter to win via my Instagram page!

Why you’ll love this piece: Words to live by are yours. They all have a unique meaning for each person. For me, ‘Be Here Now’ is about being present in your life, in the moment. But it also has a very deliberate meaning for me, BE here NOW. I don’t care how you do it. Fly here, drive here, vacation or staycation. Maine is worth the trip. Get yours personalized or rock a style already on their site. I also have personalized dog tags that give homage to my time in California (949) and Maine (207) on each charm. These are another favorite.

Enter today. Be Here Today.



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I love Maine

I am SO proud to live and love in the great State of Maine. If you were ever doubting
my commitment, I wanted to introduce to you my new way of thought, “Maine Moments” 
on MoveWithTaylor. Maine Moments will feature Maine brands,
and made in Maine products with dedicated posts just for them.
I have a dreamy list of brands that have hopped on board and I can’t wait to begin breaking them down,
one by one and giving you the goods!
Is it too early to say I will be hosting my very own, FIRST ever giveaway?!
I am way stoked on this!
Stay in the loop. I do not have a drop date yet!
Want to collaborate? I am currently in discussion with a few Maine names
and wouldn’t mind adding you to the list! Shoot me an email with your interests and URL’s
– let’s make Maine happen.
Here’s a tiny preview of my Maine Moments for the week! 
Without the fancy Maine brand names, gotta ease my readers into the beer infused boiling water!

Is Vacationland home to you? Or are you just wanderlusting over our giant pines and good food? Maine is waiting for you!


Share your favorite Maine finds in the comments below!

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Sunday Morning Hike

Quick, Sunday morning hikes are the best.
First glimpses of the sun and chasing light as it reaches across the tree line.
This past weekend was a special summit, as the whole family was there to breathe in the
fresh air with me. With brother back from California, and Mom anxious to see us both within
the same line of sight, this hike meant a lot to her too.
528 Hallowell Road
Pownal, Maine 04069
Fee Info:
Adult Day Use Fee: $3.00 // Non-Resident $4.50 
Children 5-11 $1.00 // Under 5 is Free
Where do you roam?


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