Swept Away

to Granite Ridge Estate in Norway, Maine   So happy to step in for Jennifer at Darling Photo for her #darlingweddingretreat. While the ladies from the workshop have more to come, here is a tiny peek at just how beautiful everything truly was. Team to follow on Instagram: @graniteridgeestate – @sheluxewed – @seacoastharborevents @andreasbridal – @theblacktux –

Share your #MaineThing

Featured on @VisitMaine ‘s Instagram account! Share your Maine Adventures using the hashtag #MaineThing & click around to discover others, just like you. I love exploring our community of Maine made brands, speciality events and creators. I usually find people that are so close by, yet we have never crossed trails!  

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Powered by Zappos! In a twisted turn of events, I met a unicorn that works at Zappos over social media and well, this happened. All opinions shared in this post are genuine and unsponsored. Imagine, little ol’ Taylor – just skimming social. It happens all the time really, I have these methods of self torture

October in Maine

“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.” Unless you snowboard, or go ice fishing or something like that, then yeah. Right? – Maine was on fire this year. Every day we were met with colors that lit up the darkest corners of the woods. Tiny bits of light, carried by the yellow and orange hues. The


Viking Bold Just in time for Halloween. @toniandguy_us has got a familiar face on their page. Get the viking look by clicking the features below and following the steps on their instagram. #boldhairdontcare Want to see behind the scenes photos from this shoot? Stay Tuned!       Want to know more about the products

Sunday Morning

Brettun’s Pond – Livermore, Maine   Sunday morning we took a ride out to the Livermore town beach, on Brettun’s Pond. Just a mile or two from a home we are seriously trying to buy. Crazy right? We’ve been all over but now, we might be staying still. We might be dropping our anchor right

Fresh Fall

We call these “the trails” and go almost everyday. Nearly in the backyard, clean cut, and marked. The dogs enjoy off leash time and I don’t mind the golden scenery this time of year. Hiking: Mt. Apatite – Auburn, Maine Get there: End of Small Rd – off Minot Ave.


  THANK YOU @RAEN Optics!   See anyone familiar on their feed this morning? I am SO stoked to be selected as a winner in the #366DaysofSummer giveaway. Head on over to their page(s) and show them some love too. Grab some sunnies while you’re at it. BOOM. #ThroughTheEyes #Raen #LeapYear Gonna be showing off

Different Portraits

Capturing #CampVibes Avoiding the traditional angles and subjects, I tend to follow around my camp mates and learn their timing. I like to see when they rest, and when they move. Photographing everyday moments is a challenge. I like challenges. I like seeing something a hundred times and then freezing time at just the right


“Meet me in the city” This is Lindsey, my best friend from college and long distance sister. The day I threw my college quilt on the sidewalk next to hers, and took a good look up at our future at 181 Commonwealth Avenue I just knew. This chick would be with me until the end