San Bernardino National Forest, 2013


Brew and I, San Bernardino National Forest, 2013

As more space is needed on the GoPro, Chase makes his way through the hundreds of pictures and video, and sends me the winners. Weeks later I have some new shots to share from our trip to Big Bear! 

Shade! Relieved to hop in with Brew

Hiking in the San Bernardino National Forest, 2013

Seeing these pictures is driving me crazy! I’m dying to get a camping trip planned. Speaking of trips, we’re traveling back to Maine mid August to see family! I couldn’t be more excited, I haven’t been home since last Christmas! Looking forward to sharing our travels. My Birchbox also arrived today, ladies look out for my Birch post! (My most viewed post, so far!)

How are you moving today? 

Travel secrets? Comment below, or through email

Would love to hear how you guys beat the travel stress! 

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Up with the Sun

Even on Mondays! 
Today I am up with the sun. Anxious to spend my day off to its fullest, I’ve stretched, and awoken my body and my mind. Today, I have an unbelievable amount of laundry to fold, yes its true! And after I do that, I will be rewarded. Blue sky, and a good book poolside are calling my name. Tonight, rock gym and a special yoga class for climbers. Anxious to share new stretches and flows from tonight’s class!
I’ll also be taking my new climbing shoes, the La Sportiva Mythos, yahoo! No more rentals! Originally not the shoe I thought I would buy,(little expensive) but when you actually try these things on everything changes! I found that these comfortably hugged my heel without stuffing my feet forward too hard (sensitive toes) while still giving me toe power. The lace around closure feels tight on my foot, and the sticky grip soles are picking up everything in the house, hopefully I stick to the wall the same way! Rookie learning the ropes, watch out! The color is also beautiful ladies:) 
La Sportiva Mythos Lady Rock Shoe/$140.00


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Fourth of July


Hope everyone had a fun, magical 
and above all safe holiday!! 

What an insane week of laying poolside, grilling up hot links with Chase and catching the fireworks from our patio. I’m sun kissed, and exhausted! Today, we adventured down to the bay and scooted along the rocks looking for crabs and other creatures. We were successful in that, I even watched one scurry under a rock with his arms full of what looked like white oyster meat. I managed to film two small crabs fighting, and another skimming food off rocks with his claws. Chase dropped the GoPro in the tide, I’ll be sure to post as soon as we stop watching Netflix on the laptop! 
Instagram; taylorbelanger
Chase standing ocean side, Marine Park Stadium Long Beach, California


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How are you moving?

Myself, climbing at our gym in Long Beach – photo by Chase
The best work release EVER. Yes, I love my yoga BUT this, is the next level of awesome. Climbing is aggressive yet calming at the same time, and that soft balance is met with such a rewarding feeling. Everybody climb! Spent the afternoon researching gear and tonight I will order! (No more rentals) Can’t wait to share my progress, and experience! 
How are you moving today? #movewithtaylor
Kicking up the wall – photo by Chase



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New Gym Membership


Chase and myself bouldering, Hangar18 Climbing Gym


Chase and I joined the gym! Not 24 Hour Fitness, but the CLIMBING GYM! I can’t even begin to describe the excitement and the rush I feel when climbing. When your arms and legs are shaking and you feel like your finger tips are made out of q-tips, strength finds its way from deep in your core, and it makes its way through your blood. Then I can feel Chase holding my life in his hands below me, and I’m driven further to succeed, to reach the top and tap the ceiling of the gym. He calls my name in support, telling me of features on the wall I can’t see, and together we’ve climbed an artificial rock face, but it feels like a lot more.
In the picture above, we tried our hand at bouldering, free style climbing, without a harness or rope. An extremely difficult task, reaching the top and Chase did it his first day at the gym. For myself, I’ve got some work to do. While I appreciate the boulders I prefer climbing top rope with Chase. Together we can achieve more.
Myself, climbing with an automated belay system so Chase could get a picture!
When you don’t make a climb, it’s almost as if the wall talks to you. The little rock features, fake ice and look alike fossils begin moving and I can hear the fake shells singing me songs of clarity. I can do this, I can see my path like steps up stairs. Certain features stick out further than last, as my foot remembers each rock and becomes comfortable with the climb. And when you defeat that wall, it’s enormously gratifying. More than most hobbies I’ve taken up, this act of motion has stolen my heart and my once little arms. One of the best things I could of done for my body and my soul. Also looking forward to the yoga classes for climbers twice a week at the gym, as well as Hatha Flow once a week!
Myself, trying out the boulders yesterday.
Stay around, hang around! #movewithtaylor
For my readers who use Groupon, I was able to get Chase and I a deal on this month’s membership at Hangar18 – through the app! 
MADROCK/ Shoes      HURLEY/ Boardshorts


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Take This Journey


When my body is inverted like this I feel nothing external. I don’t hear day to day distractions, like the radio or the crows in the trees behind me, I hear my lungs, and I feel my pulse. I hear the air as it enters my nose and falls deep into my throat and out through my lips. I feel the muscles in my shoulders, arms, back, and legs, adjusting, tightening, and coordinating together to keep balance. As I reach my forearm stand, there becomes a sense of even further relaxation than experienced before, I am at home.
GEAR: Nike Pro Women’s Base Layer Shorts/ Forever21 Sports Bratop/
 IKEA ZigZag Throw
Where did you go today?
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Backyard Oasis

But perhaps in what you discover!


Maybe you’re not going far, could be the same park you go to everyday.

But what could you do there? What did you see? 

Last night I uncovered a hidden oasis, in our apartment’s pool. Glowing blue in the night, shielded with a canopy of palms. The coolness of the water relaxed the days stresses away, as I soaked up the night stars, floating with large lung fulls of air held in my chest. After breathing the air I returned to the deep like a mermaid. 

Myself shot by Chase Hill, iPhone 4s


  What have you discovered today? #movewithtaylor
Share with us, comment below.
Happy Sunday!


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August, BB Review


Birchbox recently made it to my best friend list and was also part of the reason why I had to write this blog. I had to share the excitement! When I signed up I was apprehensive, could ten dollars a month really be worth it? A little box of mystery samples sent each month seemed worth it to me. But I don’t think I was buying the products, inadvertently what I was buying was this priceless feeling. A feeling if youth, adventure, challenge. What will I get? Will I be able to use it? Will it be something that I’ve always wanted to buy but just didn’t have the guts to? (Like the hot pink lip stick below!) 

And on top of this amazing excitement I’m left with travel sized products perfect for camping! I’m hooked! Two months of products are still in my bags, as the “trial size” lasts longer than a one time use! (Usually) 
I wanted to do a breakdown of each product I received in my June – Wanderlust themed – Birchbox. Most are must haves for my girls on the go! 

1. Color Club Nail Polish/ 0.25 fl.oz./ Mod in Manhattan #6023 
My eyes went immediately to the nail polish when I opened my box this month. What an awesome sample! The bottle is a good size, and will be around for many manicures. The color is also a striking tone, when in the bottle I almost thought it was yellow but after opening could see it was nude, with a pinkish hue. Perfect for all year round! With this color you can easily fix a chipped manicure on the go, or leave it! And it won’t show! 
2. Suki Skin Care Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser/ 0.25 fl oz/ lemongrass extract and natural sugar
First off, this is my favorite beauty scent EVER. Lemons and sugar cookies go together like peanut butter and jelly! I could put this scent on EVERYDAY. Even possibly take a bite out of a good lipstick if it smelled like this. Back to the sample, oh yeah it smells like lemons and sugar cookies! And feels like sugar in your hands! I’m in heaven with this sample and may need to find the 30 something dollars for the full size jar! My skin after using, is incredibly soft, almost scary soft. I may try the sample on the backs of my legs and arms! Also a good size, the sample, it looks small but you only need a very small amount to get a good lather. Thumbs up! 
3. Tweezerman Mini Files
I’ve never been more excited for a nail file! But these convenient matchbox style files are going straight into my camping bag. Perfect for the broken/rough nail out on the trail! I usually rub it on my jeans or on a small stone but this is much easier! And chicer duh! The ombre polka dot print is also fun, thanks BB! 
4. Comodynes Urban Cosmetics / Self-Tanning Intensive & Uniform Color/ 1 Towelette 
Being that this sample is literally only going to give me a one time go at it, I haven’t tried it yet. I have an airbrush self tanner I’m obsessed about and will talk about later, so this sample may sit around for as bit. Self tanner is scary! And I don’t always need it, living where I do. Could throw it in my moms next care package! Still a great sample! 
5. LAQA & CO Lil Lip/.07 oz/ Color: Lambchop 
Quite possibly the best sample this month! The color is perfect for summer! Its fresh, like a bucket of berries. Glad they sent it to me because sometimes I’m afraid to buy something like this, what if I hate it? You know? Go for those bright lips! They make your smile/teeth shine in contrast, pair it with black or bright hues! It all works. The sample size is fair, definitely good for a couple nights out, only $18 for the whole fat lip! Might need to invest in this lambchop! 
Extra: Birchbox also included adorable paper/cartoon postcards from dreamy destinations around the world. Chase already snagged one of the postcards and used it to send his father a quick hello. Fun, and something I will use as all of my loved ones live on the east coast! (Postcards used as backdrops for photos!)
Postcards are sincere, thank you BB! 
June proved to be a hit in my mailbox. With a handful of products packed perfectly for travel, I’m happy with the ten dollar sacrifice, to be truthful I had forgotten I paid for this, it all seemed so awesome! I guess that’s what they do right over there, I’m hooked! (Crossing my fingers for the next box). If readers have questions or comments about these products or products like them, leave them below! I would love to hear what you ladies think. 
I do have one suggestion for BB: If we could time the monthly box shipment with my menstrual cycle that would be AMAZING, thanks!! 🙂 
This just in, they have a badas$ reward system! 
What’s great about this is, I probably would’ve written the reviews regardless, but now I’m even more happy that I did! 
I chose to order a liquid eyeliner by Eyeko, I needed a new one, and I love the slim design of the case. For six dollars (after gift card and free shipping) how could I not?! 
Thanks BB! Stay tuned to see what I think about Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner, and to find out what’s in the July BirchBox! 

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Hello, bloggers!



San Bernardino National Forest, California 2013

Raised in Maine, living in Los Angeles county, continuously exploring my surroundings, wondering, observing, loving. Daring myself, picking up new hobbies and passions come almost everyday. I skate, paddle, climb, board, hike, swim, and flip. Yoga enthusiast and dog momma! I will also be sharing beauty secrets for the road, and TRAIL 🙂 

Encouraging everyone to see our planet, unedited. 
Stay tuned for my first beauty post! Featuring the products I received in my BirchBox. 

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