IG Guides and Fleets – What else will drop this week?

As each platform fights for relativity, I am still picking my jaw off the floor at Fleets. I haven’t read up on the meaning for Twitter’s latest integration. But I can only assume your ‘story’ is only around for fleeting moments?

Maybe they are considering birds, of a fleet? I have no idea. Tweets on Fleets. Totally, Fleets.

Either way, I am here for it. Brands – let’s stop fleeting around and get your impressions up. While I do not see Fleets reporting to the Analytics side of Twitter, I would imagine we would be able to measure this shortly.

Which brings me to Instagram Guides! I wrote a quick one yesterday to try out this new feature. While not super user-friendly, it can be done. I had fun showing my followers a simple photo trick you can use almost anywhere. The guides closely resemble a blog once put together, and can be a useful tool for bloggers and businesses alike to share relevant products, sales, posts, or a series dedicated to a campaign.

Brands, looking for your first set of guides? Let’s talk about how my Content Creation Packages can work for you!

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