Time to Reflect

  Bloggers, we often do it to ourselves; excessive planning and dreaming of layouts and content. There are phones that never leave our palms, and breathtaking views not even seen with the natural eye. Sometimes it takes all we have to push the wanderlust images out of  our minds. But what happens when you stop

Time Machine Monday

New, old, refurbished and recycled. When it comes to home decor, collectibles, gifts and time spenders I do not discriminate! Soft spot for antique items – I am always on the look for these opportunities nothing short of stepping into the largest time capsule available. Formally known as Auburn Novelty, the owners of Orphan Annie’s

My Agency Goes Hard

My agency goes hard; and Christmas wishes are no exception. Our “card” this year warmed the belly with laughs and possibly set a new tradition in motion at Rinck. Our office also kills it on the views, with Great Falls below and the winter season rolling in; these tiny little moments also make my belly

Welcome To Our Home

  Chase walks Brew in front of our new home OUR JOURNEY has taken Chase and I across the country and back, there have been studios and beach-front apartments, but never have we done THIS! Welcome to our first ever, rental that looks like a house, well that’s because it is! While I will keep

Be Full

Last year, Chase and I made a feast and spread it out before us and found peace in the fact that the following year (now) we would be surrounded my family and friends. Our patience and understanding that life takes us away from home; but always to return made for an extra special Thanksgiving, home

MTB with MWT

EVERY SEASON deserves to be celebrated and in Carrabassett Valley, Maine we accomplish. Some of our earlier rides had me wishing I had done anything to change my mind about getting into the sport. But with my building endurance, and falling temperature 🙂 the rides have become more about seeking new challenges and pushing myself

Acadia Part 2

LED by Acadia Mountain Guides Climbing School  A WAY OF FINDING SOUL for me, can be that gut wrenching moment where happiness and fear collide; and somehow you come out on top. I love defeating moments in real time, face to face with no curtains and fancy stuff. ROCK CLIMBING has become the greatest THANK

Wool is Warm

This season, I might be seen in this; unbelievably chic wearable blanket everyday. The Boiled Wool Knit Cape by Pendleton is everything. Comfortable, functioning and gorgeous. Picked mine up today, and it hasn’t left my shoulders since. Belted, open or wrapped around me mummy style this cape is like the witch of October just came

Featured on Mashable

Super stoked to be sharing this with you today; my photo was featured on Mashable!    Click around to follow the crunch of leaves and check out the round-up! Check out the site’s weekly photo challenges and join the conversation using the hashtag #MashPics & #MoveWithTaylor 

Color Range

It is no secret that right now the colors are changing on the leaves the temperature is dropping with the weeks. The layers have begun to pile on and those sixty degree days are feeling like a lost Summer to our bones. Last night Chase and I ditched our plans of an early dinner, and