Fresh Fall

We call these “the trails” and go almost everyday. Nearly in the backyard, clean cut, and marked. The dogs enjoy off leash time and I don’t mind the golden scenery this time of year. Hiking: Mt. Apatite – Auburn, Maine Get there: End of Small Rd – off Minot Ave.


  THANK YOU @RAEN Optics!   See anyone familiar on their feed this morning? I am SO stoked to be selected as a winner in the #366DaysofSummer giveaway. Head on over to their page(s) and show them some love too. Grab some sunnies while you’re at it. BOOM. #ThroughTheEyes #Raen #LeapYear Gonna be showing off

Different Portraits

Capturing #CampVibes Avoiding the traditional angles and subjects, I tend to follow around my camp mates and learn their timing. I like to see when they rest, and when they move. Photographing everyday moments is a challenge. I like challenges. I like seeing something a hundred times and then freezing time at just the right


“Meet me in the city” This is Lindsey, my best friend from college and long distance sister. The day I threw my college quilt on the sidewalk next to hers, and took a good look up at our future at 181 Commonwealth Avenue I just knew. This chick would be with me until the end

Beyond the Wanderlust: Featured

xoxo. Living a grateful life has it’s rewards. Meeting my soulmate, and adventuring into the evening’s setting sun with his hand holding mine tightly seems like the greatest of them all. I live this life, everyday. It doesn’t always look this styled, or perfect – Thank You, Jennifer Smith of for nailing that part.

Local Love

#PolandSpringCountry A look into Maine. Poland Spring Water sent me this ‘thank you’ and it’s only right that I share the details with you. For the record: I think it’s the coolest swag ‘box’ that has hit my doorstep. Personal and thoughtful selections were made when it comes to these Maine name brands, and products. The


#PolandSpringCountry HUGE thanks to the folks over at @PolandSpringWtr for sending me the most thoughtful swag gift I’ve ever received. I’m only a graphic media icon junkie, and addicted to all things Maine so; you got me! Maine packed facts all over the box, stuffed with Poland Spring Water branded goods for the Maine girl

Becoming Jewelry Giveaway

‘Be Here Now’ Bar Necklace Enter to win via my Instagram page! Why you’ll love this piece: Words to live by are yours. They all have a unique meaning for each person. For me, ‘Be Here Now’ is about being present in your life, in the moment. But it also has a very deliberate meaning

I love Maine

I am SO proud to live and love in the great State of Maine. If you were ever doubting my commitment, I wanted to introduce to you my new way of thought, “Maine Moments”  on MoveWithTaylor. Maine Moments will feature Maine brands, and made in Maine products with dedicated posts just for them. I have

Sunday Morning Hike

Quick, Sunday morning hikes are the best. First glimpses of the sun and chasing light as it reaches across the tree line. This past weekend was a special summit, as the whole family was there to breathe in the fresh air with me. With brother back from California, and Mom anxious to see us both