True Story

“When you argue with reality, you lose, but 100% of the time.” – Byron Katie  You know that place you go to… to absolutely hide?  To be missing from the current worlds chaos and utter sabotage. I had been hiding out for a while, waiting for the cloud to pass over my horizon but I

Birthday getaway

to The Attitash Grand Summit Hotel [NH] [hello 28] Treated my quarter life crisis to a couple days off work, and in this cozy studio mountain side room at The Attitash Grand Summit Hotel. Thank you, Chase – for whisking me away and reminding me what it’s like to be a kid again, sorta. (If

Meet Woodboogah!

My favorite things are [usually] Made in Maine. I say usually because I am pretty sure half my friends and family were not born here. Excited to announce my new brand partnership with Woodboogah as their latest ambassador! To kick things off you can shop their site using the discount code ‘TAYLOR20’ for 20% OFF.

What a long week.

Generator fails and lots of take-out food. Luckily, that was the worst of it!   Hoping my neighbors reading this have their power back on as well. WHAT a week it’s been. Waking up Monday morning following the wind storm I thought I would be driving to work. We’ve lived out here for close to

NYC; I’ll be back soon

  Alive. The city. Myself. It was an amazing change of pace. Early morning walks to grab coffee versus the typical country road drive. I mean, I missed my city blood. The quick-paced younger, college version of myself. Don’t we all go there? In town for work, and blessed by my surroundings – Here are some

One of my favorite times of the year

  The color at this time of year is always, unbelievable. Burning reds and orange line the driveway and frame the house. The mornings are crisp and the dogs can tell change is on the horizon. This week I have to skip away for work, and will miss this view. Sending my serious gratitude to

Naptown, MD

Try not to get swept away in the darling little alleys and vast harbor views while visiting Annapolis, MD. While in town for work this week, I took every advantage to snap away as we walked to and from dinner and the office. I have never been to Europe, but I keep telling Chase this is

We are officially, home.

We bought a freakin’ house! Almost ten years ago, Chase and I met and fell into a deep childish love. Who knew, that we would be standing on the front lawn of our first house just a few years shy of thirty. We bought a house, and we’re making it our home. Best. Feeling. Ever.

Create to inspire

In between the madness of shopping for our first home, and juggling work life in the same fashion – some down time to be, me and do – nothing. Is exactly what the doctor called for. Today you can catch me, curled up with a coffee. I might have packing tape in my other hand,


“Taylor, so glad this one’s yours – Emily Belden, 2016” (The inside cover reads)   Self described by the author herself as being, an R-Rated Memoir. I am overly excited to jump into EIGHTYSIXED! I feel like I know Emily, but I really don’t. Somehow our paths crossed on social and I promised I would