What a long week.

Generator fails and lots of take-out food. Luckily, that was the worst of it!


Hoping my neighbors reading this have their power back on as well. WHAT a week it’s been. Waking up Monday morning following the wind storm I thought I would be driving to work. We’ve lived out here for close to a year now, and I’ve driven almost every snow storm. On the roads back here in Maine, that’s no joke. Hills, turns and steep shoulders covered in ice and snow. It sucks.

SO I thought I had this! I was like okay, fine. We don’t have power but I can drive to work. Well, as you can see that was a big fat NOPE. I could not drive to work. In fact, I could barely drive anywhere for the first half of the day. As you can see from the photo above the roads surrounding our house were not a drive to Grandma’s house. They were littered with down trees and lines. Live wires (I am sure) and glass. It was truly a nightmare. I had ZERO idea it was going to be this bad. Had I known, we might have slept in the basement that night.

Keeping the house up and running was tough. We were challenged with the generator and keeping the gas stocked. We’re just glad we had one to begin with. (Thank you, Bill!) And that our house and property made it through the storm okay.

With the lights on now, I am happy we didn’t go a full “week”. The refrigerator is now stocked with fresh food and I can check my emails at home. Bam. Winter, we are ready for you. Sort of. 🙂



XOXO – Taylor





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NYC; I’ll be back soon


Alive. The city. Myself. It was an amazing change of pace. Early morning walks to grab coffee versus the typical country road drive. I mean, I missed my city blood. The quick-paced younger, college version of myself. Don’t we all go there?

In town for work, and blessed by my surroundings – Here are some highlights ss I dig out the remaining memories and plan my next trip to the upper west side.

You know, “I live here” type of vibe. It happened. And I wish I had the time to photograph more of the architecture – but, that will have to happen with my next trip. 🙂

And insert Amanda below. My work wife, and travel companion. Our favorite appetizers are lavish cheese boards and tacos. She drinks white wine, and I like a vodka margarita or beer. We both can appreciate some good shoes and good sights.


The upper west side found to be a quiet and beautiful trendy part of town. I hadn’t been to NYC in over ten years and I don’t recall seeing the area before now. Central Park was just a few blocks away from our hotel, NYLO – it was just what I was hoping for when the trip was announced. I got to start the day in a motivating city, we loved it.

Plans to return are in motion. The list of things I saw from the car window is too long. Like, the Highliner and tons of food. I could smell it, I just don’t exactly know where it was coming from… 😉 I will definitely look to take a bike ride through Central Park, or at least walk it more. I didn’t get to check out that fancy bridge I saw. I wouldn’t mind returning for the Holidays too. The tree in Rockefeller Plaza would be pretty neat. Anyone else play tourist recently?

It’s a nice change of pace.

xoxo. See you soon, NYC.






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One of my favorite times of the year


The color at this time of year is always, unbelievable. Burning reds and orange line the driveway and frame the house. The mornings are crisp and the dogs can tell change is on the horizon. This week I have to skip away for work, and will miss this view.

Sending my serious gratitude to October! You are gorgeous!



xoxo – Taylor

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Naptown, MD

Try not to get swept away in the darling little alleys and vast harbor views while visiting Annapolis, MD.

While in town for work this week, I took every advantage to snap away as we walked to and from dinner and the office. I have never been to Europe, but I keep telling Chase this is kind of how I imagined it would be. Art, architecture and history all around you. It’s incredible!


In typical #agencylife fashion – we swapped the hotel reservations for something “different” – an Airbnb in the heart of downtown Annapolis. The capitol building is RIGHT in my window! We have walked, everywhere and we have sampled the best food I’ve had in a long time. Safe to say, the agency will have a hard time keeping me away from the next business trip to see our sister office space.


The Airbnb has this little enclosed patio, and the number of birds that welcome you as you step out each morning, is just insane. I’ve linked the house we are staying at in case you’d like to see what I mean.


Instantly became obsessed with finding out more about the buildings around us. I mean, how did they get that little guy in there? 😉 Our first night, I stayed up until the morning hours reading deeds and records on our Airbnb. The fact that they don’t know, 100% when it was built is like a mini mystery to me. My mind goes to the earliest of days in development of this coastal city and the affluent demographic that still walks this part of town today.

And skillet breakfast is my jam. Iron Rooster – you slay.

Tomorrow is my last day in the Annapolis office, for now!

& what a beautiful work week it has been.

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We are officially, home.

We bought a freakin’ house!

Almost ten years ago, Chase and I met and fell into a deep childish love. Who knew, that we would be standing on the front lawn of our first house just a few years shy of thirty. We bought a house, and we’re making it our home.

Best. Feeling. Ever.

I won’t lie. We did not have the cookie cutter experience I had dreamed of. We tried, we tried to prepare ourselves for the bad and we were so ready for the good. But truthfully, life hands you rotten lemons all day and finding peace in the most intense decision of your life is damn near impossible. Because it is your life, it is where your life will or will not happen. With that being said we did find our dream home. In the middle of thinking we were out of luck entirely, this beauty wrapped in iron (yes the railings) was suggested to us.

After spending time in California surrounded by the modern lofts and beach front homes this house just seemed to fit our every dream. If it were in CA or ME, it was us. We couldn’t be happier to have been dealt those nasty lemons, because they all helped us find our home.

We can’t wait to open up more about our buying experience, home renovations and just practical advice from people who feel so ill prepared. We’re still unboxing our lives and remembering how to turn on the shower faucet but, when those things settle in – pictures to come!


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Create to inspire

In between the madness of shopping for our first home, and juggling work life in the same fashion – some down time to be, me and do – nothing. Is exactly what the doctor called for.

Today you can catch me, curled up with a coffee. I might have packing tape in my other hand, but I am at ease 🙂

Anyone else need to just be still in moments of complete chaos?

Photo: By Sarah Bird

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“Taylor, so glad this one’s yours – Emily Belden, 2016”
(The inside cover reads)


Self described by the author herself as being, an R-Rated Memoir. I am overly excited to jump into EIGHTYSIXED! I feel like I know Emily, but I really don’t. Somehow our paths crossed on social and I promised I would give her book a go. Self described book-worm (me) now owns a copy! & not just any copy, mine was signed and shipped by the lady herself. Not feeling special or anything…

Emily’s second book is slated to come out in 2017 – so quick, read her first novel before she is super famous and has no time for us! (I mean it)

Hear that Emily? You’re gonna be super famous.

Thanks again, my lady!



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Swept Away

to Granite Ridge Estate

in Norway, Maine


So happy to step in for Jennifer at Darling Photo for her #darlingweddingretreat. While the ladies from the workshop have more to come, here is a tiny peek at just how beautiful everything truly was.

Team to follow on Instagram: @graniteridgeestate@sheluxewed@seacoastharborevents

@andreasbridal – @theblacktux@hartistry@emilycarterfloraldesignsimg_1380



Photo by Jennifer Smith at darlingphoto.net

Hair & Makeup by Heather Schofield

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Share your #MaineThing

Featured on @VisitMaine ‘s Instagram account!

Share your Maine Adventures using the hashtag #MaineThing & click around to discover others, just like you.

I love exploring our community of Maine made brands, speciality events and creators. I usually find people that are so close by, yet we have never crossed trails!




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Powered by Service

Powered by Zappos!

In a twisted turn of events, I met a unicorn that works at Zappos over social media and well, this happened.

All opinions shared in this post are genuine and unsponsored.

Imagine, little ol’ Taylor – just skimming social. It happens all the time really, I have these methods of self torture and “scroll” shopping is one of them. My eyes fell upon a blog post done by Zappos. It was all about “Why” every girl needs, luxury leather boots. Which, after slipping some on my feet can also come to terms with, yes, every girl probably does need these. 

BUT can they afford them?

Meet Me: Currently
And the answer is not really.

I really shouldn’t be splurging on much, let alone Frye boots! Chase and I are tackling buying a home (and trust me this has been more of a tackle on us). My car isn’t happy when I apply the brakes (that is going to cost me close to $550 next week). And I have been (successfully) ignoring the power company since we started looking at houses, (I know this is irresponsible).

But I really did start to second guess myself, and my willpower to say no. I mean, I actually had opened my bank account on my phone and was punching numbers. I just couldn’t work around the line item: boyfriend. What would he say? My desire to own Frye boots was stronger than my desire to have a home? That sounds bat $hit crazy, right? (Don’t judge me)

So I pushed the evil shopper off my shoulder and took it out on the Zappos feed.

What happened next was, a beautiful mixture of CRM and honest to goodness humanity.

“JC*” – whoever they are, answered my pleads for fresh leather in just minutes. We bounced around my need to know more about the style on sale. In just a couple minutes, JC* invited me to send my email associated with my Zappos account. Almost instantly my inbox received a message from CS at Zappos, offering me $100 credit towards any purchase at Zappos – good for 90 days! SAY WHAT, JC* ?

I challenged my finger tips to speed typing and had them ordered within 90 seconds.

After the sale (this color only) and my credit from Zappos. I was (and probably forever) standing in Frye, with the biggest smile on my face for the VERY affordable, $50 dollars.

JC* – was able to give me something back that I wasn’t sure I had going at the time. A little light! This week was heavy, I will not ignore the orange elephant in the room. I needed these boots. I needed this moment. I just needed something to work out for me. Something that I didn’t “need” to do, but just wanted to, instead. These moments are important, each and every day.

For me, I was able to understand the level of honest Customer Service Management in place at Zappos. The power that is entrusted to those answering simple social media inquiries and totally unrelated questions, is their brand. It is their stance.

It is their success.



>> Stay Tuned – planning some fun, styled shoots for these beauts! (boots) 😉

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