I should have gotten chickens years ago.

Raising the girls in the middle of a ‘pandemic’ was really everything I had hoped it would be. Weeks of remote work, curfews and quarantines at first we thought the birds would provide eggs in a time there was a limit on how many cartons a family could buy at once.

We thought strategically, it made sense to have something to eat coming from the backyard half the year. Low maintenance, all that stuff.

What they’ve done for us is far greater.

Yes, they produce delicious eggs. Yes, they clean the yard of ticks and bugs. But did you know chickens are insanely smart, and fun to be around? This is our story. Installment #1.

Baby Foxtrot and Bebe

From the beginning, our chickens had names. From the moment I lifted the lid to their mailer I was tied to them as their caregiver, as their protector. I would bring them food and shelter. They trusted me.

Two of the chicks got their names first as I reached for them immediately. One was all white, and her name sang in my head when I saw her fluffy round self separated from the group. All alone in the corner of the mailer box, Helen was ready to be loved. I’ve always loved regal, old school names for pets. I didn’t know I needed a Helen, but I did. 🙂

Bebe was the runt. Shorter than the rest, her round little chicken butt was almost wider than the others. She was a little solid thing. So I named her Breakfast Burrito, or Bebe for short. Quickly, these two became the two that I would always call for first. SO naturally, these two started jumping the brooder, first. Looking for me as I come into the basement to do laundry. Looking for me at the sound of my truck pulling into the driveway.

The first day I knew it was time for them to move out, Helen was sitting next to Chase on a chair in the house and nobody noticed. She had escaped the Brooder and made her home in our basement.

Baby Wolf


Upon moving to their big girl coop. We quickly learned what works for them inside their coop and run and what does not. This was our first rodeo. No we didn’t read a ton of articles. I consulted with my local Livestock Feed Supply Store Owner and he educated me and showed me what I really ‘needed’ as a new farmer. I appreciated that!

I always tell folks online reviews can be misleading. People leave reviews when they are mad. Talk to your local professionals. They will keep you straight!

They remember, everything:

The girls know the sound of my feet walking down the deck stairs. (Must mean snacks are on the way)

They remember our dogs, and the sounds they make versus other threats or predators. They have learned following a fox attack. They remember if they follow me to a line of rocks by the trees, I will flip them over and underneath are always BIG bugs! They remember where to lay their eggs. They remember apples are juicy and can tell just by the the sound they make when I throw one down on the lawn. It’s fascinating, eye opening and unhinging to be around an animal you have essentially eaten your entire life. Yes, I am going there! (Next time)

Chickens can learn their names: If they are free ranging and I can’t see Helen, I will just yell “Helennnn” out the window and she comes running out of the woods. I tell her good girl to stay close, she clucks a low noise and joins the group again. I always think to myself, she is better than most dogs.. 😉 When I talk to the girls (and our one Rooster, Bam Bam) I refer to them individually by name when each is close, I put my hand on their back and say their name. They acknowledge their names by clucking individually at me, low love noises looking for grub in the lawn.

As we prepare for a cold winter ahead, I keep going back to Brooder days and wishing I could keep them under my watchful eye. I know that’s just the crazy chicken lady talking but, a girl can dream right?

In our next Chicken Tale – I will break down their diet, free ranging routine, and how I feel about eating Chicken. If you want to know something specific about chicken lady life, please drop a comment or question here!

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IG Guides and Fleets – What else will drop this week?

As each platform fights for relativity, I am still picking my jaw off the floor at Fleets. I haven’t read up on the meaning for Twitter’s latest integration. But I can only assume your ‘story’ is only around for fleeting moments?

Maybe they are considering birds, of a fleet? I have no idea. Tweets on Fleets. Totally, Fleets.

Either way, I am here for it. Brands – let’s stop fleeting around and get your impressions up. While I do not see Fleets reporting to the Analytics side of Twitter, I would imagine we would be able to measure this shortly.

Which brings me to Instagram Guides! I wrote a quick one yesterday to try out this new feature. While not super user-friendly, it can be done. I had fun showing my followers a simple photo trick you can use almost anywhere. The guides closely resemble a blog once put together, and can be a useful tool for bloggers and businesses alike to share relevant products, sales, posts, or a series dedicated to a campaign.

Brands, looking for your first set of guides? Let’s talk about how my Content Creation Packages can work for you!

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Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations – Read it on Instagram

So naturally, I reposted the caption using my own mountain top image. Colors so vivid I could feel my body going back to Burnt Mountain as I closed my eyes. Holding my phone and resisting the urge to call my Dad in defeat – I am posting this instead.

I was laid off yesterday. Looking out to my new truck in the driveway, surrounded by pets and laundry. Overwhelmed could describe how I feel in most moments.

It may not be the overwhelmed I am used to though. I can feel the energy, opportunities and reasons before me. And with that being said, here’s my plunge into the deep dark waters of unemployment in 2020. I am joining the what I would assume is, thousands if not millions of hurt families around the country and world. But we will get through this. Because I do not give up.

I do things like this, write blog posts and saturate your LinkedIn Feed. I text and email every industry connection I have not because I am desperate, but because it’s who you know. Not what you know.

I do know some things though. 🙂 Here they are. All wrapped in a resume for YOU to enjoy, pass on, print or save. Hire me. Tell your boss they should hire me.

I am looking for a full time position at this time. Many thanks. [Contact form is at the end of this post for convenience]

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I like big views

Vista of Maine provided!

Had the pleasure of stopping by the venue today and wanted to share a couple quick (I mean as I was getting the tour, quick) shots. I had never been by the Tasting Room, or the Wedding Barn, complete with TWO large farmhouses. Renovated spaces with floor to ceiling detail celebrating the history of the vineyard and life in Maine.

The property is so diverse in the types of events you could have here. From family stays for the fun of it, (a family is staying this coming week for Thanksgiving) to grand weddings with views that sweep over Maine’s country scape – all the way to the White Mountains. It is a hidden gem Maine event and wedding industry professionals can get behind.

Who wants to join me at the Tasting Room this week?

> Also, big thanks to Harry Ricker for the tour and chat today!
Happy Thirsty Thursday!

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Pendleton NWM || Stocking Stuffers

Looking for stocking stuffers that last?

What I love about (everything) Pendleton is – the unmatched quality and excitement you get with each product purchase. I always ask for socks, and new blank cards for my stationary collection. Yes, I collect stationary, cards, notebooks, etc. Gimme all the beautifully bound paper.

I found a small bin at my local Reny’s with National Park Collection Pendleton socks! Saving a buck or two, I grabbed the Glacier Park set. Last year Chase gifted my the Acadia set and I love the colors in that print as well. They are truly so so so soft and the perfect height to bring a pop of color to your jeans and boots this fall. Get yours: Head West


I have linked my other favorite smalls from Pendleton: 
Both of these products seem to be discontinued on the Pendleton site- get them while you can!

One other item I was gifted a few years ago has been a HUGE help! 
My Harding Zip Pouch – Is perfect for holding pens, highlighters, small hand lotions and whatever else may get you through the day at the office. I keep mine in my work bag and use it to conceal the clutter that would normally be rolling in the bottom.

While I was looking for links to this post I just came across their new Tuscan Portfolio and I am intrigued! Anyone else have a portfolio they can’t live with out? Looking for something to take with me into meetings that can hold my notes, business cards, etc. Drop a link in the comments below if you do!

Screen Shot – Image property of Pendleton NWM

Screen Shot – Image property of Pendleton NWM

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Basic Beanie Spotlight

The Tracy hat by True in Nock – only $10 bucks!
I’ve linked them here: GET MINE

Perfectly fitted and available in just about every color you could be looking for this season.

Photos by Rebecca at Beaux and Arrows of Maine

Colors available: 
Light Brown
Light Heather
Mustard – Color shown

Make sure you check out the FULL collection for True in Nock! Always updating their inventory, I am in love with the new Carla and Demi styles! (I would also LOVE to see a coat like this one for sale) – This jacket was Rebecca’s personal and I am beyond in love with it. If you can find it online, link it in the comments 🙂

You will see I styled the leg warmers as ‘boot socks’ over my leggings. By pulling them up over the edge of your boot you can create the look for less – I have linked them here! (and only $6.95)

Photos by Rebecca at Beaux and Arrows of Maine

Happy Tuesday!

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True in Nock | Fall Preview

My latest collaboration with the team at @beauxandarrows_maine has introduced me to new wardrobe favorites and newfound GREAT friends.

Rebecca (Founder) of @beauxandarrows_maine

Their list of services is long – a testament to their collective drive to bring the best photography services to families and brands of Maine and beyond.

True In Nock, or TIN – is an online boutique curated by the team at @beauxandarrows_maine. Consider shopping it for weddings and other special events, photo shoots, and everyday wear.

The Piper Hat, by True in Nock. | SHOP |

Photos by Rebecca at Beaux and Arrows of Maine



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True Story

“When you argue with reality, you lose, but 100% of the time.” – Byron Katie 

You know that place you go to… to absolutely hide?  To be missing from the current worlds chaos and utter sabotage. I had been hiding out for a while, waiting for the cloud to pass over my horizon but I found it did not. Why was I running? Was I arguing with my reality?

I was. 

And these are the lessons from my lay off.

In late May of this year, I was laid off from my job. Yep – complete nightmare. The job I was so in love with. The word job had actually left my vocabulary all together. It was more or less who I was over what I did. I bled orange. I dreamed in stop motion, and ate content for freakin’ breakfast because I wanted to be better. I wanted to become a producer everyone knew.

Reality. [knocking] 

Project based work doesn’t always last. And, working for a cool agency won’t give you that security either. That was a lesson while at the time stung like a thousand bees but now, I am grateful to have learned before my thirties. Before I had kids or even more credit card debt. This was so so hard to come to terms with but in that state of confusion and loss, I could begin to understand some things with more clarity.

“Don’t be surprised at how quickly the universe will move with you once you have decided.” – Unknown

Getting there was harder than I thought. I avoided my friends and didn’t respond to most text messages. For weeks. They were messages that hurt me to ignore. Every defensive bone in my body would rattle at their words and I would just toss the phone.

How could anyone even understand?

They couldn’t. Not my pain. That was mine alone and I didn’t want to give it to anyone else. I worked too hard to be told I didn’t deserve the pain that felt so real.

And boy did it hurt. Each realization that came about drove the knife even deeper. My friends, I wouldn’t be seeing them as regularly… or even seasonally. Where I walked, ate lunch, parked my car – would all be different now.

Chase, my sweet, patient boyfriend. He got the brunt it of all. The tears, the screams, all of it. For the first two weeks I would wake in a sheer panic. Complete with sweat and a whole lot of waterworks. I couldn’t even figure out why or how I got there but I was drowning in self doubt, paranoia, and bills.

Ever heard of Black Friday? 

Yeah and not that Black Friday. It’s actually a term used when a company lays off an employee (or several) on the last Friday of the month. What’s the significance you ask? Well, some say it’s so that the employer can immediately stop contributing to that persons benefits, and that employee loses their health insurance immediately. When someone pointed this out to me – it was like I became a literal match and I was about to hit the forest floor. Something from my core told me enough was enough.

It was time to sit up straight and make myself wonder if I had this planned all along.

The applications went out in a mass storm. Sometimes, 5 or 6 a day. With detailed cover letters and custom resumes hinting at my biggest skill sets and favorite hobbies. I was determined not to settle, and I was determined to enjoy my time off. Hey, I haven’t taken 8 weeks off since I was in the fourth grade, okay? Stuff like this needs to be celebrated. I would wake up each morning and slip into my bathing suit. (Yes, BATHING SUIT) – and I would sit on my deck with my fresh brewed coffee, a notebook, my dogs, and the latest email from indeed. I would make a “hit list” of places to send my applications to, and I would make it happen.

I was able to celebrate my skills obtained at my last job (kind of like a previous relationship) – I began to reflect on what I had liked about that gig and what I didn’t. I began to see that I had let a job become who I was – and that wasn’t going to help me now. The truth was. I did learn a lot in that last position and I was valuable to another company if I just put a little faith in myself.

[Fast forward]

I got a job! It worked. It all worked. I was worthy to another company, and in the end – myself. I didn’t have to settle in order to make a paycheck. I didn’t have to worry anymore. Do I still think about my friends at my last job? Yeah, everyday. I’m still getting used to eating lunch alone, my new commute, and everything else that comes along with a new routine. BUT I’ll get there. My new job is perfect for me right now. I am excited to be part of a team that acts with passion and leaves impact wherever they go. It’s a good start.

For details on where I work now add me on LinkedIn 

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Birthday getaway

to The Attitash Grand Summit Hotel [NH]
[hello 28]

Treated my quarter life crisis to a couple days off work, and in this cozy studio mountain side room at The Attitash Grand Summit Hotel.
Thank you, Chase – for whisking me away and reminding me what it’s like to be a kid again, sorta.
(If we were kids this trip would have been free)

SKI & STAY – packages at the hotel were tough to beat when planning out our mini getaway. Under $250 – for the room, and two lift tickets. We had a blast and got to ski a mountain we had never seen. Tickets are good at both Wildcat Mountain and Attitash. Aka: Next time we go, we’ve gotta see Wildcat!
BOOK your stay here: Slopeside


 MY board: Oh, my sweet [nearly] I don’t know, 15-year-old board? I have obviously been riding it for a while, stickers from every coast, broken parts, mismatched hardware. Really only the beginning but, they don’t make them like they used to! And I kinda stopped growing after I got this one so – that’s that! – A Burton Lux circa freshman year or so. The bindings are also original with the time of the board. Burton Stilleto’s. They have seen some “surgery” as my boyfriend likes to put it. Mix and match hardware, and as of after this trip – without some hardware. Whoops. On what would be my last run I noticed that two pretty critical screws were missing. Back to the “OR”

SOFT tech: My coat, and pants. Burton as well. Love shopping over at Backwoods in Auburn. Chase scored my coat on sale, and I love the details and HUGE pockets. Guys, can you tell I have a Powerade in my right pocket? Nope, you couldn’t.

NECK gaiter: If you couldn’t tell by my not so subtle hints with the animal print. I LOVE animal print details on my gear. Does it turn me into an animal on the slopes? Not always – but it has become my signature.

GOGGLES: Okay these might be even older than my board. I grabbed these Anon’s ages ago up at Sugarloaf in the ski shop with some cold hard birthday cash. I was a little, little thing. BUT they still work. Am I envious of the new look in goggles? YES. I have my eyes on some. But these work for now! Plus I am pretty sure the older style almost puts me a “vintage” category – and I like vintage.

BOOTS: Recently grabbed the boots in California, made by Thirty Two. There isn’t much to say about these bad boys other than the obvious. RAWR.

MITTENS: Roxy – love them. I am a mitten girl all the way. I have never been comfortable with gloves, I can’t move my little digits. Anyone else? I am also guilty of shopping the little girl’s gloves. LADIES. If you have small hands (like I almost do) You can totally rock the Large/Xtra Large kids gloves. Saves you some serious cash too. I find mittens (or gloves) can break the beer budget, just looking out.


Chase, darling. THANK YOU. This weekend was perfect. 

I always wear my helmet when snowboarding – always. BUT just this one time, on the chairlift. I took off my helmet to show you how perfect the WOODBOOGAH Kennebunkport Beanie in Midnight Black is. I do keep it in my pocket while on the slopes, then switch it out real quick before hitting the bar. (Because ya know, helmet hair) #BrandPartner


& Use the discount code “TAYLOR20” for 20% off! 

THE MUDDY MOOSE in North Conway, NH

Was a great stop on our way to the mountain. Complete interior goals, and good food! Highly recommended if you are passing through the area. We also made a stop into the outlet shopping area as well. Man, NH is kinda nice.


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Meet Woodboogah!

My favorite things are [usually] Made in Maine.

I say usually because I am pretty sure half my friends and family were not born here.
Excited to announce my new brand partnership with Woodboogah as their latest ambassador!

To kick things off you can shop their site using the discount code ‘TAYLOR20’ for 20% OFF.

I was thrilled to receive my two beanies to share with you all – for starters, they are both indescribably essential when living in Maine, or like state. One product, in particular, has got me really excited.  It serves a purpose and it’s comfy. It’s me. You need it.

And let’s talk about their beanie EXCHANGE program that directly benefits Maine’s homeless community and thanks you with $50 OFF your next Woodboogah beanie. [clapping]

Read my ambassador bio, and meet ALL the Woodboogah brand reps! MEET ‘EM

Because I may or may not have had to answer some pretty TOUGH questions. Nothing difficult like chemistry difficult but it may have been 😉 What’s your favorite drink, okay that’s [easier] to answer. And still not a walk in the park, I like to graze, sample, ya know? Harder questions, like: What’s a goal of yours? – Okay, stumped. I don’t know. But I do. But can I share, THAT? – HA. I know you’ve been there.

Excited to join this growing group of outdoor enthusiasts, make sure to check them out!

Wearing the Kennebunkport Beanie in Midnight Black > SHOP

The Cumberland beanie in HUNTAH orange

serves a purpose and provides a sense of style I can’t describe to my boyfriend 😉 It’s cashmere! Ladies, I know you know.

SHOP this wicked good beanie now >> I want one!

Today we went around the property with the pups, snowshoes and a couple cameras. The temperatures crested forty degrees and I was all smiles. Excited for the week ahead; I am turning 28! [takes a deep breath] We’ve got fun things planned – stay tuned!

WOODBOOGAH on social:

Share your #Woodboogah style using the hashtag!


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