Birthday getaway

to The Attitash Grand Summit Hotel [NH]
[hello 28]

Treated my quarter life crisis to a couple days off work, and in this cozy studio mountain side room at The Attitash Grand Summit Hotel.
Thank you, Chase – for whisking me away and reminding me what it’s like to be a kid again, sorta.
(If we were kids this trip would have been free)

SKI & STAY – packages at the hotel were tough to beat when planning out our mini getaway. Under $250 – for the room, and two lift tickets. We had a blast and got to ski a mountain we had never seen. Tickets are good at both Wildcat Mountain and Attitash. Aka: Next time we go, we’ve gotta see Wildcat!
BOOK your stay here: Slopeside


 MY board: Oh, my sweet [nearly] I don’t know, 15-year-old board? I have obviously been riding it for a while, stickers from every coast, broken parts, mismatched hardware. Really only the beginning but, they don’t make them like they used to! And I kinda stopped growing after I got this one so – that’s that! – A Burton Lux circa freshman year or so. The bindings are also original with the time of the board. Burton Stilleto’s. They have seen some “surgery” as my boyfriend likes to put it. Mix and match hardware, and as of after this trip – without some hardware. Whoops. On what would be my last run I noticed that two pretty critical screws were missing. Back to the “OR”

SOFT tech: My coat, and pants. Burton as well. Love shopping over at Backwoods in Auburn. Chase scored my coat on sale, and I love the details and HUGE pockets. Guys, can you tell I have a Powerade in my right pocket? Nope, you couldn’t.

NECK gaiter: If you couldn’t tell by my not so subtle hints with the animal print. I LOVE animal print details on my gear. Does it turn me into an animal on the slopes? Not always – but it has become my signature.

GOGGLES: Okay these might be even older than my board. I grabbed these Anon’s ages ago up at Sugarloaf in the ski shop with some cold hard birthday cash. I was a little, little thing. BUT they still work. Am I envious of the new look in goggles? YES. I have my eyes on some. But these work for now! Plus I am pretty sure the older style almost puts me a “vintage” category – and I like vintage.

BOOTS: Recently grabbed the boots in California, made by Thirty Two. There isn’t much to say about these bad boys other than the obvious. RAWR.

MITTENS: Roxy – love them. I am a mitten girl all the way. I have never been comfortable with gloves, I can’t move my little digits. Anyone else? I am also guilty of shopping the little girl’s gloves. LADIES. If you have small hands (like I almost do) You can totally rock the Large/Xtra Large kids gloves. Saves you some serious cash too. I find mittens (or gloves) can break the beer budget, just looking out.


Chase, darling. THANK YOU. This weekend was perfect. 

I always wear my helmet when snowboarding – always. BUT just this one time, on the chairlift. I took off my helmet to show you how perfect the WOODBOOGAH Kennebunkport Beanie in Midnight Black is. I do keep it in my pocket while on the slopes, then switch it out real quick before hitting the bar. (Because ya know, helmet hair) #BrandPartner


& Use the discount code “TAYLOR20” for 20% off! 

THE MUDDY MOOSE in North Conway, NH

Was a great stop on our way to the mountain. Complete interior goals, and good food! Highly recommended if you are passing through the area. We also made a stop into the outlet shopping area as well. Man, NH is kinda nice.


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